5 Helpful Tricks to Stay Vegan On a Budget

Going on a budget-friendly vegan diet plan is pretty simple. It’s a myth that switching to veganism is expensive. On the contrary, buying and preparing vegan food is inexpensive and more healthy. There is an extensive list of staple food you can consume like legumes, seeds, fruits, veggies, etc. Moreover, preparing delectable vegan curries, protein-rich soy tofu, savour crunchy plantain tostones, veggie & bean chillies, and salads are all examples of affordable vegan meals.

Still, you need to budget your items and create a comprehensive plant-based meal plan. To help you with the same, here we offer you 5 tips to plan your vegan diet within budget. Simply follow the ideas to stock the right & 100% vegan food sources to stay healthy & feel nutritious.

5 tips to plan your vegan diet within budget

1. Buy Whole Food Items in Bulk

For all vegan food lovers, whole food is the best staple source to add to the stock. Several items like fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, beans, tofu, etc., are affordable & healthy to consume. Therefore, it is imperative to follow the essential shopping tips while buying any such item.

Fruits & Veggies : The best way is to buy seasoned veggies and fruits, available at a discounted price and freeze them up. Maintain the stock of such food products for daily consumption with ease.

Legumes & Beans : There is nothing more affordable and protein-rich food sources like beans and legumes. Do stock them up in bulk to create distinctive yet delectable vegan dishes. For this, you may go for canned products, but not recommended at all times. It is due to the nutritional content differentiation between canned and packaged legumes & beans. Also, when it comes to laying hands on soy tofu, then prefer to go on a fresh one every time. You need to keep an eye for tofu to be included in your vegan meal plan. And, should be much chewier is good for you.

Nuts & Seeds : Just like other vegan food products, nuts and seeds can also be purchased in bulk for daily consumption. These act as mere inclusion in your vegan smoothie, salad, wrap, or any other dish. So, try to use a minimal quantity of nuts & seeds to avail the necessary macronutrients.

2. Not All Packaged Vegan Snacks Are Good Except for Certified Ones

Sometimes or the other, you all buy trendy looking packaged snacking products. Be it like fried chips, raw chocolates or fancy cookies. While following a strict vegan diet ensures the quality and contents of the food source. Thus, already try to lay hands on packaged foods with Non-GMU, gluten-free, peanut-free, and other certified labels. Just like, you can swiftly buy protein-rich quinoa puffs from the Ojas Vegan brand to satisfy small hunger pangs.

3. Rotate Your Seeds Shopping

Another useful vegan product shopping tip is to make relative choices in seeds. Undoubtedly, flax seeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds, and pumpkin seeds are all rich sources of Omega 3 fats and fibre. However, including all the seeds at one in your shopping list can be expensive. Therefore, the best idea is to go for two seeds at a time. One must have could be flax seeds that have a high source of Omega 3 along with an added crunch of taste. Also, prefer to buy pumpkin seeds over hemp seeds, especially in terms of a budget factor.

4. Buy Generic Labelled Items or Wholesale Food

Be it like legumes, beans, prices, herbs, healthy vegan snacks, or any such product are must include in daily diet plan. So, look after the cost factor by going for generic labelled items or the wholesale products available at an already affordable price range. No matter what, this one trick would help you save up to 30% on your vegan grocery shopping. Also, you can save more, if there is an offer or coupon code available online.

5. Buy In-Season Vegan Food Items

Another helpful tip to continue having a healthy vegan life on a budget is to keep changing your eating preferences as per the season. Most commonly, fruits and veggies available during the season appear cost-effective, as compared to the off-season price range. So, the better approach is to keep changing your vegan eating habits as per the changing season products. It not only helps you rigorously follow a plant-based diet. But further assists you in keep maintaining food variety to stay excited.

Concluding Thoughts

Vegan eating can be pocket-friendly and high nutritious, only if planned and implemented carefully. The above-mentioned 5 tips to create a budget for your vegan food and healthy vegan snacks shopping is a starting point. Rest, you will learn with time and while continue following plant-based diet patterns.