5 Useful Tricks To Stay On Track Of A Healthy Vegan Diet

Staying consistent with a habit can be treacherous at times. Especially when you have decided to follow a healthy vegan diet. You might have heard, read, and seen a lot of plant-based diets and grabbed the much-needed information. Rely on veggies, and fruits, increase plant-based protein sources, rely on low-calorie healthy snacks to stay it, and something like that. You might come across all such tips and tricks to adopt a nutritious lifestyle.

But how do you stay on track with a healthy vegan diet?

Is there any way to stay motivated?

It’s easier to say than follow, right?

Do not slip away even on the slightest piece of chocolate or anything that is not vegan. Follow five useful tricks to stay on a vegan spree without losing track altogether.

Before that, let’s look at some real-life scenarios that make you deviate from the healthy vegan meal plan .

Things that sabotage your plant-based diet consistency

* It might be the holiday season. Everyone is involved in the sheer joy of festivity and indulging in sweet treats. You are the only one facing the odds and constantly tempted towards even a little bite of sugar-coated and milk-made sweet.

* Maybe you had a crazy week full of hectic tasks at the workplace and are endowed with back-to-back commitments. You could not feel the energy to gather vegan ingredients and prepare a meal. As a result, you might order something outside that deviate you from the strict meal plan.

* It's common for vegan individuals to face the odds while attending a party or a celebration. You are the only one eating small meals, while others make fun of your diet and indulge in the delectable feast.

The above are just a few examples of vegan people facing a hard-fought battle of sticking to a diet and still needing to stay consistent. You can follow a few tricks to let it happens and prevent the circumstances of cheating a bit.

Follow five ways to stay on track

1. Look Back at the Success You Had

You might follow a plant-based diet . But tempting obstacles of junk food and sweets hinder your performance. Still, recall your consistent days to follow the diet and the resultant outcome. You might have lost a few inches, filled in with new energy, and maybe colleagues and friends complimented on your attractive outlook.

All these are the accomplishments you experienced in the past while following a strictly plant-based diet. So, remember the focus that helps you stay consistent in the diet and remain healthy.

2. Remember Why You Have Turned Vegan

Why did you switch to a vegan life? Was that because of eating healthy and nutritious? Were you concerned about animal cruelty and wanted to stop the same? Did you think of the environmental benefits? Everyone has their reason to adopt a healthy eating vegan lifestyle, and you had yours. Try remembering that reason and follow the same rigorously. You can write down the reason for following a vegan diet and have a look at it every day.

3. Stay Away from Temptations

You are not the first person that feels tempted toward unhealthy and gluten-based food items. Many like and suffer from the same anxiety of staying consistent. Refer to the above two ways, set a clear goal of only eating plant-based ingredients. There is no shortage of sweet, spicy, tangy, and other flavorsome options in the vegan diet.

For example, if you attract to delectable munching pleasure, then instead of savoring potato chips, lay hands on crunchy quinoa puffs online. Similarly, there is an extensive list of meals like lip-smacking burritos, vegan burgers, wraps, salads, and desserts you can prepare at home.

4. Think of the Repercussion of Cheating

No wonder the sky is not falling after eating just a piece of cake. If thinking along the same lines. Then you are not doing justice with your diet. Even a slight craving for something sweet or junk could turn that habit into a few weeks of unhealthy diet pattern. The longer you stack on this irregular track, harmful it will be for your vegan diet plan.

Do not cheat yourself by making a short exit from the already planned meal pattern. It is better to look for more plant-based food options and cook using readymade available recipes online.

5. Ditch the Bad Stuff

If anything in the house lying inside the cupboard or the refrigerator tempts you, then get rid of the same. Stay away from ice cream, cookies, mayo, or anything like that is made up of non-plant-based ingredients. Divert your focus toward oatmeal, sweet potatoes, quinoa, plantains, beans, rice, and numerous ingredients.

There are numerous recipes of apple pudding, quinoa salad, or the readymade plantain tostones Canada available for you to stay excited. Eat the right food that fits under a healthy vegan diet and stay energetic.

3 Steps to Make your Healthy Vegan Diet Finally Happens

With the steps mentioned above, learn to stay on track with a nutritious plant-based diet.

1. Start with just three days first

It may sound silly at first, but it's a fact to stay in a consistent model of a vegan mode for the next three days. It is easy to achieve goals in a matter of three consecutive days. You can set this goal after completing every 72-hour and continue the same. It helps you achieve the overall goal of sticking to a plant-based diet pattern.

2. Set clear rules and refer to them

Follow 100% clear rules on factors like the following:

* Refer to three new plant-based recipes every day

* No need to include processed sugar in any of your meal

* Do ten minutes of meditation every day to stay positive

You can make your rules accordingly and follow the vegan meal plan, taste delectable recipes, enhance your cooking skills, and preserve a healthy community.

3. Schedule your diet & stay committed

As already mentioned, staying on track has numerous obstacles in your way. Prevent the bottlenecks by writing your schedule diet and referring to the same every day. Remember your commitment to your health is the most imperative factor in achieving desirable things in life. Always have the best nutritious options in front of you, and ignore the rest.


If you feel hungry, have a strict healthy vegan diet running overhead, then choose the right food to stay consistent. Remove all junk from your side and focus more on plant-based offerings. The choices you have are unlimited, and keep adding now and then. Even brand like Ojas Vegan helps vegan people to stay consistent in a healthy eating pattern and offer quinoa puffs and tostones.