6 Key Benefits of Black Quinoa- Must Include In Vegan Diet

Add black quinoa to your vegan diet plan to get an extra set of nutrients. It improves your health and heart condition to an optimum extent. Make use of quinoa to create delectable dishes or even savor readymade quinoa puffs as your healthy snacking partner.

Quinoa is considered the world’s famous and much-talked-about healthy food. Especially for vegan people, there is nothing compared to the goodness of gluten-free quinoa available in different varieties. It depends on your appetite to savor quinoa in a cooked form to add in delectable meals, taste it as a low-calorie healthy snack , or any other way. Another thing you can consider is what sort of quinoa to include in your daily diet pattern.

Commonly, quinoa is available in three varieties namely black, white, and red. Here, we are focussing on black quinoa, its historical past, benefits, and dishes made out of the same.

What is Black Quinoa?

Black quinoa is the most crunchier grain in comparison with red and white quinoa. It takes time to cook black quinoa and tastes much better than the other two versions. It is a high protein-based grain that also comprises a high amount of fiber and less fat. Moreover, it has a slighter sweeter taste and appealing texture to make it favorable among a wide range of people.

What is the Nutritional Value of Black Quinoa

The nutritional value of black quinoa is somewhat similar to traditional quinoa. However, it is more protein and fiber-rich in content. Apart from that, this variety of quinoa contains Vitamin E, iron, Vitamin B, magnesium, phosphorus, and zinc.

A serving of 185 grams of black quinoa contains the following:

* Calories: 222

* Fat: 4 grams

* Cholesterol: 0 mg

* Sodium: 13 mg

* Carbohydrates: 39 grams

* Dietary Fibre: 5 grams

* Protein: 8 grams

* Calcium: 3%

* Iron: 15%

Key Health Benefits of Adding Black Quinoa to Diet

1. High Fibre Content

As explained before, black quinoa is rich in dietary fiber content. In 1 cup of serving, you will get 5 grams of dietary fiber and 21% of the DV. The fiber content available in black quinoa is a form of complex carbohydrate food that is only found in plants. Consuming this form of fiber-rich quinoa helps lower blood sugar, cholesterol levels, and prevent constipation.

2. Maximize Protein Intake

One of the benefits of including black quinoa in your vegan diet plan is getting the required amount of protein. It is the most healthy vegan option to consume protein rather than relying on animal-based products like chicken, meat, fish, eggs, and more. One serving of black quinoa will provide you 8 grams of protein i.e., 16% of the daily value.

3. Get Folate

Black quinoa contains folate from the family for Vitamin B. It helps you convert the food into an essential source of energy throughout the day. Folate further helps in nourishing your skin, improving eyesight, liver, and nervous system. With a single serving of black quinoa, you will get 80 mg of folate which is like 20% of the daily value.

4. Boost Energy Level

It is essential to get energy from whatever food you consume all through the day. Concerning this, black quinoa contains fiber and carbohydrates that convert into much-needed energy. It is never too wrong to consume grains to gain energy.

5. Manage Body Weight

As already mentioned earlier, black quinoa comprises protein and fiber. It results in repairing your muscle fibers and growing new ones to experience body growth. It further helps to maintain your weight and promotes a healthy digestive system.

6. Prevents Anemia

Black quinoa is a rich source of iron. You need iron to let the oxygen reaches multiple cells of the body. Devoid of the same may appear serious condition like anemia. Thus, you can consume black quinoa in whatever form you like and avail of the required iron.

10 Dishes to Make Using Black Quinoa As Main Ingredient

1. Black quinoa vegan burger with avocado sauce

2. Black quinoa stuffed bell peppers

3. 1-minute pressure cooker black quinoa with veggies

4. Lemon black quinoa plum and avocado salad

5. Black quinoa salad with edamame, cucumber, and avocado

6. Warm black quinoa salad with carrots and grilled veggies

7. Curried black quinoa soup with cucumber

8. Herbed black quinoa muffins

9. Roasted fingerling potato salad with black quinoa and herbs

10. Black quinoa with orange & cumin dressing


Black quinoa is a superfood for vegan lovers to add delectable and distinctive meals to their daily food plan. More than tasty, this variety of quinoa is much healthy as compared to other options. So, add this quinoa to your diet plan to acquire much-needed macronutrients. Also, lay hands on plantain tostones in Canada from the Ojas Vegan brand to taste some crunchiness.