7 Vegan Store Foods To Avoid Having Hidden Oils

If you are a vegan, you must have been part of several discussions about what to eat and what not to eat as per the diet pattern. You may have found different opinions on different store food ingredients like veggies, fruits, legumes, and soy. You focus on whole plant-based foods and delectable snacks like quinoa puffs , tostones, rice cakes, and more. Amid all this, you might come across a hovering question, “is eating cooking oil good for health and fits under the vegan eating plan?”

It’s a heated topic nowadays among vegan people whether to include oil in the diet. Some are concerned about hidden oils in several processed store food products and try to avoid the same. Related to the argument first checkout some facts regarding plant-based oils. And, later we will discuss seven store-based foods to avoid in your diet and possible alternatives.

* Oil is not a whole food but rather an extraction from olives.

* Olive oil provides little to no nutritional value.

* Oils are high in calories that provide 120 calories from a single tablespoon.

* Oils like coconut oil and olive oil contain saturated fat, although in minimal quantity.

* Instead of getting beneficial fats from oils, switch to avocado, nuts, and seeds.

Hidden Oils in Packed Food Products

Some of the packed, canned, and processed food items contain hidden oils inside and might not be healthy for consumption. On the other side, few plant-based snacks are naturally made without using artificial flavors, oil, sugar, or any preservative. Still, it is imperative on your part to become a label reader to check out the list of ingredients used in making store products.

There are several varieties of packaged store foods that offer wholesome nutrition benefits like the gluten-free quinoa puffs availed from the Ojas Vegan. You can replace the oil-contained vegan snacks with such natural and authentically made products and attain a lip-smacking pleasure.

Watch Out for 7 Oil Contained Store-Based Food Products

Here is the list of the top seven store-based processed food products that contain hidden oils inside. Also, check out the possible no-oil alternatives to meet your dietary expectations with ease.

1. Non-Dairy Yogurt and Sour Cream

As you are already aware of the fact that dairy products do not come under the strict plant-based diet plan. Be it like cheese, fortified milk, and vegan butter, get everything plant-based from the nearby store. However, not all non-dairy products available in the marketplace appear to be pure. Some of them contain hidden oil inside to increase the saturated fat value.

The best way to include non-dairy sour cream, yogurt, and milk in your diet is to get ready with the homemade versions. It is simple to make vegan milk, soy yogurt, and other products that contain little to no oil and allow you to stay on a healthy spree.

2. Mayonnaise

It’s tempting to add vegan soy-based mayonnaise to your veggies-rich sandwich, healthy wrap, or burritos. But not many are aware of the fact that mayonnaise contain hidden oil extract inside that might cause you to gain unnecessary weight. It does matter to look at the 120 calories per tablespoon of plant-based mayonnaise you buy from the nearby store.

3. Vegan Cheese

Vegan cheese is another store product that contains hidden oil inside, mainly coconut oil full of saturated fat. It is rather difficult for people to leave the cheese and switch to a vegan alternative. Despite that plant-based cheese contains saturated fat content inside and does not look good for your health.

So, get into the act of making vegan cheese at home by using favorable options like cashew cheese sauce, cauliflower no cheese sauce, chili cheese, and several others. It allows you to stay on a lip-smacking way to consume delectable vegan cheese without any oil inside.

4. Crackers

How can you not like the cracking and crunchy taste of delectable crackers? These are innocent choices of healthy snacks for vegan people to satiate mid-afternoon or late-night hunger with ease. However, not all crackers are healthy enough to meet your nutritional goals. Some of the varieties have white flour, sugar, and oil contents inside.

But not all crackers are unhealthy. Plantain tostones from Ojas Vegan can provide a crunchy and flavorsome appeal to your small hunger breaks. It is a cholesterol-free, zero sugar, and lactose-free snack for vegans to experience the real crunchy treat.

5. Vegan Meat Substitutes

For quite some time, vegan meat substitute products have provided a sense of relief to vegan individuals who experience such cravings. But again not all varieties and different types of vegan meat products are healthy and do contain saturated fat-filled oil inside.

You can lay hands on a black bean burger, soy nuggets, and other related products having the least amount of oil inside. Simply cut down your fat content by having the transparent idea of healthy store-based product alternatives.

6. Bread

Another big reason why you have to become a label and food content reader while buying vegan choice of store-based products. Bread is another product that has some traits of oil inside and some of the varieties are not healthy enough for you. The best way to consume bread is to make your own at home if you are motivated enough to bake. You can make bread with no addition of olive or coconut oil which makes it highly nutritious for breakfast and vegan snacks.

7. Chocolate

This one is quite tough to handle here, especially when you have a sweet tooth and you love making plant-based desserts at home. Several plant-based readily available chocolates at the marketplace contain elements of olive oil that are hidden from your side.

One particular solution is making oil and sugar-free chocolate desserts at home by using cocoa powder mixed with fruits, dates, and other things. Finally, you can make an exquisite range of vegan chocolate recipes like chocolate mousse, avocado chocolate brownies, oil-free chocolate muffins, and super seed chocolate oatmeal.


Consuming oil in vegan meals might not be healthy all the time. Especially, when you have store-based products. Be aware of the hidden oil content inside packed food products and stay away from the same. Consume cholesterol and fat-free snacks like quinoa puffs from an ideal snacking brand like Ojas Vegan.