Everything You Need To Know About Red Quinoa

Here, we discuss some relevant information regarding red quinoa. Out of three varieties of quinoa available, red is the most appealing one to add to meals. Make easy low-calorie healthy snacks , salads, soups, and desserts using red quinoa and other plant-based ingredients.

The world is gradually adopting a healthy and nutritious vegan lifestyle. It’s simple, peaceful, and useful to be on a plant-based diet and safeguard animals along with the environment.

Unlike, common people, even celebrities cannot stop themselves from adopting a vegan lifestyle and continue to do for a long. Popular personalities like Zac Efron, Jessica Chastain, Angela Liddon, Brendan Brazier, Erin Ireland, Sasha Williams, and many more have adopted plant-based eating diet patterns.

And, the numbers are increasing every single day.

Amid such a food revolution, it is imperative to be aware of your vegan options, the nutritional value, and the benefits of health. Concerning this, red quinoa is one of the healthiest varieties of quinoa to add to a daily pattern.

Here, know everything about red quinoa based on the following key points.

A. What is Red Quinoa?

B. What is the Difference Between Red, White, and Black Quinoa?

C. Nutritional Value of Red Quinoa

D. Key Benefits of Adding Red Quinoa to Vegan Diet Pattern

E. Which Color of Quinoa is Best for you?

Let’s get started on the same.

What is Red Quinoa?

Red quinoa is red. There is no doubt about it, right? It comes from a flowering plant called Chenopodium quinoa. Red quinoa has its origin in South America.

It is also known as Inca Red. A mysterious story is behind the name of red quinoa. Several years ago, Inca soldiers used to rely on red quinoa that offered them added strength and energy to fight. That’s why red quinoa is named after the soldiers.

Uncooked red quinoa appears in flat, oval, and crunchy seeds shape. Once cooked, it turns into a fluffy kind of ingredient and small shape similar to couscous. It offers a fluffy yet chewy texture.

Some people say that red quinoa turns to violet after cooking the same and offers a bright dark color to the eyes of onlookers. You can make a variety of dishes using this color of quinoa and even savor the crunchy quinoa puffs availed from the Ojas Vegan brand.

What is the Difference Between Red, White, and Black Quinoa

You might be wondering what makes red quinoa so different from white and black quinoa. While, there is not much of a difference among all three varieties of quinoa, except that for color. Still, you should check out below:

* White Quinoa: This color of quinoa is most tanned after cooking in comparison with the other two varieties. That’s why it is also termed golden, tan, ivory, yellow, or blonde quinoa. It has the lightest texture, delicate taste, and fluffier appeal than the other two.

* Black Quinoa: It offers a more earthy flavor and crunchier texture. Black quinoa is a higher protein-rich ingredient than the other two available options. Moreover, it offers a slightly sweet taste and makes it favorable among several people.

* Red Quinoa: It is the chewier and heartier texture option than the other two. Red quinoa is somewhat nuttier in taste and best included inside salads, wraps, and more.

Nutritional Value of Red Quinoa

Just like its siblings, red quinoa is also filled with protein, fiber, and imperative vitamins and minerals to meet your daily nutritional requirements.

It is the absolute best source of copper, phosphorus, manganese, and magnesium. It is imperative to know the nutritional facts of 185 grams of red quinoa in your vegan diet pattern.

Key Benefits of Adding Red Quinoa to Vegan Diet Patter

1. High in Fiber Content

Red quinoa has more fiber i.e., 24% of the daily value in 185 grams of quantity. Dietary fiber is an imperative part of your daily nutrition that lowers the risk of heart diseases, cancer, obesity, and other causes.

This type of quinoa contains both soluble and insoluble fiber to offer unique health benefits. Soluble fiber is essential for you because it absorbs the water into the gel form and helps in improving digestion. It also provides a feeling of fullness for a long-lasting time.

The insoluble fiber is also important for your body to improve bowel health and further prevent Type 2 diabetes.

2. High in Antioxidants

Red quinoa is a rich source of antioxidants that help protect and reduce the damage of cells. Plant-based compounds are full of antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anticancer properties. Thus, red quinoa has higher levels of all and reduces the risk of several diseases.

This type of quinoa also contains plant pigments and antioxidant properties. Betacyanins and Betaxanthins are present in red quinoa

3. Gluten-Free and Nutrient-Rich

Red or any other color of quinoa is a pseudocereal. It does not contain gluten and is perfectly healthy for people having celiac disease or gluten intolerance. By including red quinoa in your vegan diet pattern, consume gluten-free protein which is more healthy as compared to gluten protein.

Living on a gluten-free diet appears more beneficial for people to receive much-needed energy and essential nutrients from meals.

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Which Color of Quinoa is Best for you?

If you like to choose one out of the three available options, then make a decision based on taste, texture, and fluffiness. But, if you like to go with the best recommendation, then select all three. It is the best idea to mix all three types of quinoas and prepare your meal

You can even increase or decrease the ratio of any particular quinoa depending on your taste preference and other features. It is totally up to you to decide and savor the best gluten-free vegan ingredient.

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A gluten-free pseudocereal, red quinoa is a protein, fiber, and mineral-rich vegan ingredient. It is high in antioxidants to improve heart health. You can add this color of quinoa to several meals to enjoy the chewy taste and fluffy texture. Also, lay hands on another vegan snack called plantain tostones Canada from the same brand Ojas Vegan.