Follow Healthy Vegan Diet Full Of Essential Carbohydrates

There was a time when carbohydrates were termed vilified until a few years back when people started realizing their benefits. Still, a major section of individuals is living in misconception to completely avoid carbohydrates and stay healthy. The misconception is also common among vegan individuals who simply think of consuming plant-based proteins, leafy greens, quinoa puffs snacks, and nuts to stay nutritious. But one thing such section of people is forgetting is that all such mentioned vegan sources have carbs inside.

In short, carbohydrates can never be harmful to you. Instead, carbs are your best friends to receive an optimum level of energy while relying on plant-based food items. This macronutrient is more than essential to include in your daily diet pattern to receive the required deal of energy, glucose, and strength to perform several tasks.

Here in this blog, we will clear the misconception regarding not including carbohydrates in your diet. Also, check out several healthy vegan diets with carbs-rich plant-based ingredients.

What are Carbohydrates Meant for You?

Carbohydrates are one of the three essential macronutrients for your body like protein and fats. We have already prepared a separate information guide for a plant-based protein that you can refer to and plan your healthy vegan diet accordingly. Now, coming back to carbohydrates, just like we already mentioned, it is one of the imperative macronutrients for you that can be consumed in three different forms. These are starches, fiber, and sugar.

The starches form are complex carbohydrates that are essential for you to stay energetic and healthy. For this, you can rely on quinoa, legumes, and several other grains. You can also include veggies like corns, sweet potatoes, and potatoes in your diet to receive the essential complex carbohydrates. In terms of sugar components, it is advisable to best rely on natural sugar plant-based ingredients like all the fruits, fortified milk, and nuts.

Why Do you Need Carbs?

Now, that you know what are carbohydrates, the next thing to know why do you need them. This is where the misconception will be cleared whether to include carbs in your healthy vegan diet plan. In reality, carbohydrates are essential sources of energy for all. After consuming the healthy sources of carbs, you fuel your brain, muscles, kidneys, heart, and central nervous system to function appropriately and seamlessly.

Your body can store an extra set of carbohydrates inside for a long-lasting time and get the required energy to function appropriately. Those who avoid taking even the minimal level of carbohydrates as per their body capacity always feel tired, fatigued, constipation, have vitamin & mineral deficiencies, and experience weakness from within.

Key Benefits of Carbohydrates

There are distinctive reasons not to stay away from carbohydrates. But rather, make them an essential part of your everyday diet plan. Include in your breakfast, make plant-based snacks, and create delectable carbs and protein-rich meals to stay healthy.

1. Carbohydrates Lift Your Mood

You feel good about having a vegan sweet delight like apple pie, cocoa-made smoothies, or something like that. Equally delectable is your veggies-rich wrap with a crunchy crush of plantain tostones inside along with creamy hummus. All that craving for carbohydrates mixed with essential protein and fats is sure to lift your mood and make you feel happy from the inside.

From a scientific point of view, most carbohydrate sources contain L-tryptophan amino acid that helps produce a feel-good neurotransmitter called serotonin. With more serotonin produced in your body after having healthy carbs, you feel happy and light from inside.

2. Carbs Are Good for Your Heart

In a way, carbohydrates are good for your heart and prevent cardiac diseases. It is because sources like oatmeal, beans, apples, blueberries, and nuts contain soluble fiber inside. Soluble fiber helps reduce the effect of a spiked-up blood pressure level in your body and lower LDL cholesterol. Thus, such fibers present multiple carbohydrate sources to keep your heart healthy and disease-free.

3. They Fuel the Brain

Did you know the fact that, unlike your car, your brain also requires fuel at regular intervals? The fuel for the brain we are talking about is the glucose present inside all carbohydrate vegan food sources.

Since the brain cannot store much glucose on its own, one has to consume essential carbohydrate sources in the form of healthy snacks, main course meals, or even juices to best activate the brain. Moreover, the absence of essential glucose in your brain results in weakness, lack of concentration, and memory dysfunction.

4. Reduce Bloating with Complex Carbs

Consuming complex carbohydrates can reduce your stomach-related issues to an optimum extent. You can have fruits, veggies, and whole grains that are easy to digest and provide dietary fiber intake. Fiber is essential for improving the digestion power and you tend to feel less or no bloating issues.

5. Stay in Shape & Sleep Better

Carbohydrate and protein-rich meals and healthy snacks help you experience a sound sleep. It is not just called to make you feel better but has a scientific reason behind the same. Carbohydrates can help increase insulin levels inside your body which then increases the tryptophan levels and boost serotonin production. By doing all this, you feel relaxed after consuming carbs and better sleep than before.

4 Best Vegan Carbohydrates Sources

1. Quinoa

There is nothing like quinoa for vegan people who get everything from a crunchy pseudo-grain. It is an excellent source of gluten-free protein and fiber which is twice the amount of any other source of grain available in your kitchen area.

A single cup of quinoa allows you to consume 5 grams of fiber which fulfill 16% of the daily requirement value with ease. Quinoa also contains nine essential amino acids that are not generated within your body. Moreover, it provides a complete protein source apart from other available options to best repair your muscles, and get optimum strength. Moreover, you can consume another set of nutrients from quinoa like zinc, iron, potassium, magnesium, Vitamin B, and E.

2. Barley

Barley is another essential source of carbohydrates for vegan people. It is an ideal complex carbohydrate source that offers a great deal of beta-glucan. It is required to lower the blood cholesterol levels to an optimum extent along with protecting against heart diseases.

Adding barley to your soups, plant-based snacks, Buddha bowls, risotto, and other meals provide several minerals and nutrients. Consuming barley allows you to get selenium, iron, B-vitamins, magnesium, zinc, and several others.

3. Mung Beans

Not just for carbohydrates, mung beans are an essential source of protein. It covers other nutrients like iron, calcium, Vitamin B, copper, magnesium, potassium, and zinc inside. Overall, mung beans contribute to the overall health benefits and make you feel full from the inside for a long-lasting time in the day. Moreover, such beans also contain antioxidants inside to enhance your immunity level along with assisting in weight loss.

4. Oats

Another complex carbohydrate source for vegans like you is none other than oats. A kind of breakfast synonym for those who want to stay full for the next 2-3 hours, oats are a must to add in the morning or vegan snacks. The most important elements of oats are the soluble fiber that keeps you stay healthy and cover around 4 grams of value from the half cup.

If you compare oats with brown rice, then it comprises twice the protein level along with Vitamin B and E, antioxidants, iron, and zinc. Oats are also useful in protecting against Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.


Follow a proper healthy vegan diet full of essential protein and beneficial carbohydrate sources inside. Rely more on the complex carbohydrates to meet your nutritional requirements with ease. Also, lay hands on protein-rich and low-carb healthy snacks from the Ojas Vegan brand.