Get To Know The Different Types of Vegans

Are you the one that prefers to eat a plant-based diet all day long? In that case, you might resort to all the fruits, veggies, nuts, green plantains, and other vegan food sources

Do you know which type of vegan are you? Well, you should be aware of your type to diligently no animal and only plant-based diet option to stay healthy and guilt-free.

Here, in this blog, we let you know the different types of vegan people that help you find your category to stay informed. On the way around, vegan types are like different reasons as to why people have adopted a plant-based eating lifestyle to stay healthy and nutritious.

Different Types of Vegans you Should Be Aware of

1. Ethical Vegans

Ethical vegans have adopted this eating lifestyle pattern due to their belief to stop animal cruelty. According to ethical vegans, it’s ethically wrong to support the killing of animals just to make sure the food plate is full of delectable delights. Vegans have special sentiments attached to all the creatures and should not be exploited in accounts of preparing food out of them. Ethical vegans further believe the fact that killing pigs for food and hitting a dog by a speeding car is no different. Both represent the animal cruelty that needs to be stopped right away. One way of doing that is relying on plant-based material for food and leaving animals out of your appetite.

2. Health Vegans

The other type of vegans is those who follow a healthy diet pattern while building muscles. It could be professional athletes or someone doing regular workouts to stay fit and energetic. Healthy vegans rely on plant-based food sources to consume 100% natural nutrition without any side effects. Like, many health-conscious people stay away from consuming red meat due to fear of increased heart-related diseases and cancer. Another reason is facing the lactose intolerance experience and the need to cut out dairy products from a regular eating pattern.

3. Environmental Friendly Vegans

Environmental vegans believe in contributing something relevant to the entire ecosystem. Such vegan people like to do something for the environment and the initial step is eating only plant-based food sources and leaving the animal-based food behind. Doing this will help to control deforestation, decrease the emission of greenhouse gaseous effect, make land more fertile, control the killing of animals, preservation of land, and more. Environmental vegans think of doing their part of saving the entire planet earth, believe to grow more crops for consumption, letting animals live, and nurture the endangered species.

4. Religious Vegans

Religious vegans choose to follow a plant-based diet due to their spiritual purpose. Many people follow a particular religion and have deep religious beliefs. They follow a strict diet devoid of animal meat or based products. Such vegans believe more towards following a path of humanity as mentioned in religious scriptures and follow their obligation to stay pure. For this reason, specifically, religious vegans only rely on plant-based food sources.

5. High Carb Low Fat

Next in the line is HCLF (High Carb Low Fat) vegans who follow a particular line of diet plan mainly because of a nutritious health perspective. Such vegans have the opinion of consuming a major part of their carbohydrate requirement from fruits and vegetables. They consume the same to obtain less fat content included in plant-based food sources. For HCLF vegans, all that matters is a balanced and highly nutritious meal plan to stay healthy, energetic, and young.

Types of Vegan Diets you Should Know

A vegan diet is obviously a daily meal plan which consists of no animal products. Vegans abstain from eating animal extract food sources and rely on fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, whole grains, and other products to stay healthy.

Still, there are different types of vegan diets that people follow as per their taste buds, health reasons, nutrition, or any other requirement.

Check out 5 different types of a vegan diet

1. Raw Vegan Diet

It is a diet followed by vegans who prefer to consume a raw form of plant-based food products without cooking. They eat everything raw. Raw vegans believe the fact that cooking food may lose the majority of its minerals and vitamins. Although, they do heat the food sources at 104 Fahrenheit. In terms of food options, raw vegans mostly rely on salads, fresh fruits, vegan cheesecake, or lasagne.

2. Gluten-Free Vegan Diet

A gluten-free diet is devoid of all animal-based products. For those who do not know about gluten, it is a protein found in several sources like wheat, barley, rye, spelt, einkorn, etc. Gluten tends to hold the food together like glue. However, many people suffer from gluten intolerance and cannot eat it. Thus, individuals switch to a gluten-free diet pattern in which quinoa is the best food source to go for. Gluten-free diet people consume all the healthy vegan snacks that do not have gluten inside.

3. Fruitarian Vegan Diet

As the name itself implies, the fruitarian diet is followed by people who only consume fruits in their daily food pattern. Such vegans believe in eating the food sources fallen naturally from trees. In addition, the diet also includes pulses like beans, lentils, and peas.

4. Whole Food Diet

A whole vegan diet is a combination of all sorts of plant-based food sources to avail of the necessary nutrition. It contains sources like fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, pulses, whole grains, legumes, and more. Wholefood vegans consume everything obtained from plants to stay healthy. Moreover, vegans avoid processed food completely.

5. Raw Till 4 Vegan Diet

It is similar to the raw vegan diet that we have explained above. The difference lies in the timeline. It is a time-bound diet plan in which vegans consume raw plant- based food sources till 4 pm only. In this particular diet, there are no restrictions on the part of vegans to cook their food while consuming hot meals in the evening.

Bottom Line

Adopting a healthy vegan diet requires proper planning and change in eating habits. Get to know the different types of plant-based diet plans followed by different vegans of distinctive categories. Adopt a particular plan as per the nutritional requirements and taste buds. Also, rely on Ojas Vegan for availing the best variety of crunchy vegan snacks in the form of quinoa puffs and tostones to get some help in daily diet patterns.