How To Plan Your Vegan Meals While Traveling

Planning for travel is certainly special for you to get much-needed relief from the daily chores of life. The best part is the opportunity to explore new and sensational vegan delights in different demographics and restaurants. Still, pre-planning is required to take some of the quick snacking supplies like plantain tostones , vegan milk, and other products with you. Moreover, you will likely return home after travel with a much broader perspective about plant-based dietary options.

Discover a wealth of vegan meal options while traveling, carrying the essentials while moving from one place to another, and plan via different means of transport. Gather relevant information regarding such points here to enjoy exploration to the best and take care of your vegan meals in the better way possible.

Eat Well While Transitioning

You travel from point A to B and more by using different means of transport. It allows you to plan differently for having healthy snacks, protein-rich meals, and even nutritious beverages while traveling. Depending on multiple transportations, we share a few ideas on how to stick to your plant-based diet.

1. Airplane Travel

If you are thinking to bring your specifically prepared vegan veggie-filled sandwich inside the airplane, then get ready to welcome by airport staff. Security officials at the airport enjoy confiscating your eatables inside the handbag. So, avoid such condition of dropping your crunchy packet of quinoa puffs , a jar of nuts, and other delectable vegan treats in the airport bin.

* Carry your ready-to-go plant-based meals to the airport and savor the same before doing check-in. Save your efforts in preparing the lip-smacking quinoa sandwich or even a vegan bowl and eat before collecting your boarding pass.

* If feeling hungry inside the airport lounge area, then filter out your eating options across several restaurants. In case you are traveling on a short-hour flight, then a salad teamed with black coffee would do the job. Otherwise, consume something full of rice and steamed veggies in the lounge area.

* You might feel hungry after boarding the flight. In that case, look at the healthy snacks menu and order something in the veggies and sandwich section. Also, do not forget to exclude mayonnaise, ketchup, and other non-vegan sauces from the meal.

* Another relevant consideration is to select your vegan meal option while booking your flight ticket. If the vegan meal option is not there, make sure to write the excluding ingredients from your meal. Just like several travelers mention nuts allergy at the time of flight booking.

2. Train Travel

Undoubtedly, traveling via train covers long distances and sometimes days to reach your final destination. Unlike air travel, you have more low-calorie snacks and a variety of vegan meal options to order and carry with you.

Let’s just say, you might be traveling for 1-2 days on a train. So, you have plenty of go-to snacks to carry with you. It includes vegan energy bars, frozen fruits cans, quinoa crisps packets (number depends on the travelers), nuts, dark chocolate, seeds, and other plant-based goodies.

In terms of wholesome food meals you consume while traveling on the train, choose to have the following few options.

* Prepare at least two lunch and dinner meals in advance for the train travel. The choice would be to make nutritious bowls meals like rice & veggies, bean & quinoa filled vegan bowls, teriyaki tofu bowls , and it could be anything you like.

* Have a close look at the meals served on your booked train well in advance. Filter out your options while booking the ticket and if possible, reserve your meal timings on the train.

* Do research something about long-haul railway stations where you find few healthy snacks or even fruits to carry on the train.

3. Roadtrip

If traveling on the road or intercity exploration, you have more plant-based dietary options compared to airplanes and trains. Similarly, your preparation could be doubled in terms of searching for vegan restaurants on the way, making appropriate plant-based meals, and carrying healthy snacks of different varieties with you.

* Preorder your vegan snacking items before heading for the road trip. The best advice is to order your quinoa pops or even plantain packets of all flavors from Ojas Vegan. Additionally, check out the nearby grocery store to grab energy bars, coconut or almond milk, or any other item.

* Mark the favorable choice of vegan restaurants on the way at your Google Map indication. It allows you to get a clear notification of where to stop and when to have a nutritious vegan meal.

* Do take care of the eating preferences of all the travelers with you. Keep the list of items ready well in advance and carry everything with you.

Things to Take Care of While Traveling As Vegan

There are a few essential things you need to make the best note of the same before heading towards an exquisite exploration of different places.

1. Make a list of favorite vegan snacks of different varieties and flavors and pack them inside a separate bag for travel.

2. Contact restaurants at different destinations ahead of time to enquire about the particular vegan meal options and availability.

3. Stay at a hotel that features a kitchen area. It allows you to prepare some of your plant-based meals before heading out for exploration. It even saves much of your travel expenditure and provides an opportunity to explore more.

4. Get to know where the nearest grocery store is around your booked accommodation. It allows you to pick quality vegan essentials to satiate small hunger desires.

5. Fly with the airline that offers in-flight vega meals or even substitutes for particular flyers. You can extract the relevant information from the airline website and plan your travel accordingly.

What to Eat at No Vegan Places?

There might be an instance that planning everything for your vegan meals while traveling, booking tickets, and making other reservations. What if you could not find a single vegan eating place, specifically across rural or semi-urban areas? In such a scenario, you can do two things. Firstly, find accommodation that features a kitchen inside. Thus, it allows you to cook some plant-based meals while staying and traveling outside. Secondly, keep extensive supplies of plant-based snacks with you to at least savor while heading outside.


Best meet your vegan meal goals while traveling in a prepared and planned manner. Carry essential healthy snacks from the Ojas Vegan and nearby grocery stores. Find and reserve restaurants that offer plant-based servings and book accommodation with a kitchen. Practice easy-to-follow tricks to stay on a healthy spree and explore the world at its best.