What Makes Green Plantains A Healthy Snack Or Side Dish Option?

Have you ever thought of switching to a healthy diet pattern to remain energetic? Being vegan does help you stay on a healthy and nutritious path for a long-lasting time. An easy-to-adopt diet pattern helps you consume an extensive list of food ingredients in comparison to a vegetarian or meat-based diet.

Eating green plantains is one favorable aspect of a plant-based diet. Plantains are unripe siblings of bananas. They are full of starch, healthy carbohydrates, and less sweet. Quite popular in Latin America and the Caribbean, plantains are considered the staple choice of fruit. Mainly consumed in the cooked form and extensively used as low-calorie healthy snacks or a side dish.

Now, the question is why numerous vegan people have good things to say about green plantains and what is so special about including them in various meals.

Green Plantains A Healthy Snack Or Side Dish Option

Full of Healthy Nutrition

Green plantains are not just vegan but healthy too. It is a rich source of complex carbohydrates that provide you the much-required energy all day long. The minerals inside the plantains help digestion becomes easy and prevents stomach-related issues. Even a slight amount of plant-based protein is there inside that fruit and helps you cover the daily required value to an extent. It displays a combination of a balanced diet pattern for vegan people to stay within the limit.

Better Than the Potato or Any Other Chips

No one can control the afternoon, late evening, or midnight craving. Even traveling makes you feel hungry at times. Normally, people resort to easy-to-grab potato chips to satiate little hunger pangs and experience a delectable pleasure. However, plantain tostones in Canada are an ideal and healthy snacking option to consume essential nutrients, get much-required energy, and still stay on a healthy path. Naturally grown, high in potassium, less fat, and much-required energy of the fruit satiate yourself from inside. Plantain chips contain less amount of calories in comparison with potato chips. Even for teenagers, vegan tostones make a healthy and moderate to consume option.

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Comprises of Vitamin A and C

Tostones made up of green plantains make a perfect pick snack that is full of Vitamin C and D. Both vitamins are essential to keep your skin healthy and immune system strong. Vitamin A offers the value of low-light vision and makes you consume more with no hassle at all. On the other side, Vitamin C present in plantains offers the required level of antioxidants that prevent damage to tissues. A single unit of plantain-made chips provides 34% of the daily recommended value of Vitamin A. On the other side, it provides 18 mg of Vitamin C which covers one-quarter of the daily recommended value.

Low Sodium Level

Plantains tostones contain less amount of sodium in comparison with any other chips. High sodium intake food items are unhealthy for the human body. It results in shooting up the blood pressure level, chronic disease, stroke, kidney damage, and more. Therefore, it is best recommended to savor tostones while feeling hungry at any point in time.

Easy to Mix Up with Different Meals

Plantain cooked in the form of hard-pressed chips is a versatile choice of vegan ingredients. You can use both as a snack or a side dish. You have the flexibility to team up tostones with a preferred choice of dips like Thai peanut dip, soy-ginger sauce, apricot Dijon sauce, creamy pineapple lime sauce, and a lot more. Even for a side dish, consume tostones in the crushed form inside your salads, wraps, burritos, and other meals to experience the much-needed crunch.

Where to Find Plantain Tostones?

Ojas Vegan is the best place to find plantain chips in different flavors like jalapeno, garlic, original, and sweet. Grab your choice of flavors to experience a healthy snacking time or use in side dishes to satiate the palate. Furthermore, lay hands on the packet of crunchy quinoa puffs and taste the gluten-free delight at the best price.